What we do

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CCO Oregon is dedicated to creating a space where payers and providers engage in purposeful conversations that lead to actionable strategies and solutions. Our mission is centered on achieving lower healthcare costs, improved care quality, better patient outcomes, a sustainable workforce, and addressing social needs within the healthcare system. We accomplish this through various avenues, including workgroups, retreats, ad hoc meetings, and our annual conference.

The Power of Collaboration

Our members, comprised of coordinated care practitioners and experts from diverse organizations across the state, gather to engage in meaningful dialogues. These conversations serve not only as a source of inspiration but also as a platform for devising practical plans to turn ideas into reality. These innovative thinkers are dedicated to anticipating future needs, exploring cutting-edge solutions, and driving systemic change. Moreover, we actively provide feedback and formal comments or testimony to state and federal decision-making bodies that influence policy, evaluation, and best practices. We also extend a warm welcome to partners from the Oregon Health Authority and other non-member organizations, encouraging them to share their proposals, work, and ideas within our forums.

Embracing Diversity and Synergy

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We frequently collaborate with other associations and coalitions to ensure our initiatives are aligned with state-level policy discussions, national trends, and the specific interests of our members and the communities they serve.

Diverse Workgroups for Comprehensive Care

At CCO Oregon, we have established and maintained workgroups in several critical areas of coordinated care, including:

  1. Behavioral Health
  2. CCO Contracting and Compliance
  3. Government Affairs
  4. Oral Health
  5. OHP Pharmacy
  6. Social Determinants of Health

CCO Oregon is committed to promoting innovation, fostering collaboration, and ultimately driving positive change within the healthcare landscape.

Featured work products:

Learn more about the coordinated care model by watching the video below.