What We Do

CCO Oregon is a statewide, nonprofit membership association that advocates and develops strategies for coordinated care and health transformation. Our vision is a healthcare system that better serves the health needs of all Oregonians, decreases cost, and improves overall population health.

Dr. Evan Saulino moderates a panel on Financial Sustainability of Coordinated Care at an CCO Oregon conference in 2018.

CCO Oregon’s vision is to hold objective space for subject matter experts from across the coordinated care model to convene and identify evidence-based, stakeholder-driven strategies and solutions that improve care, experience, and cost. Our primary role is to facilitate these convenings and organize issue-specific discourse. CCO Oregon discourse represents and is strengthened by the diversity of organizations we convene.

CCO Oregon programs include:

The current workgroup and retreat focus areas are:

Behavioral Health;
Data Use and Systems;
Dental and Oral Health;
Pharmacy; and
Social Determinants of Health and Health Equity.

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