What we do

CCO Oregon is a statewide, nonprofit that advocates and develops strategies for coordinated care and health transformation. Our vision is a healthcare system that better serves the health needs of all Oregonians, decreases cost, and improves overall population health.

To bring that vision into reality, in 2016 the CCO Oregon Board of Directors developed a strategic plan for growth and increased impact, committing to regularly facilitate conversations across stakeholders invested in the coordinated care model to:

  • Innovate
  • Develop
  • Engage
  • Align
  • Lead

Since developing that strategic plan, CCO Oregon has recruited new Board members, expanded membership statewide, increased workgroup representation, filed for 501(c)(3) status (from 501(c)(6) status), and hired a new Executive Director. Moving forward, CCO Oregon will increase our member and stakeholder engagement, introducing new opportunities to convene, collaborate, and improve care.

In 2018, CCO Oregon will leverage existing mechanisms:

Have ideas or topics that need a forum. Let us know! Our members and partners shape what we do, so add your voice. Drop us line at info@ccooregon.org.